Let's talk about the daily maintenance of primary school science experiment box equipment

Let's talk about the daily maintenance of primary school science experiment box equipment

1. The cable that is not tight will cause the temperature of the joint to be too high, which will damage the instruments and equipment of the primary school science experiment box. The poor connection will also affect the transmission of data information; The connectors on the display may loosen easily due to the Angle of the moving display, so you need to check the position of the connectors and tighten them on time.

2 dust accumulation will lead to heat loss difficulties, so every month to clean on time, usually, the circuit is equipped with a motor load isolation switch, the current protection device is adjustable, should be reasonable choice according to the electrical power of the device, at the same time, once the overcurrent protector is put into operation, should be clearly checked whether the underphase, if the contact is not good, press the return switch.

3. In classroom teaching, the application of digital language learning system needs to choose supporting teaching instruments and equipment -- headphones and computer keyboard. Generally speaking, such supporting facilities are very easy to damage the primary school science laboratory equipment, and the multimedia classrooms in colleges and universities are in great demand and often used, so it is very easy to cause damage. Maintenance and inspection should be done regularly, and damaged equipment should be removed and replaced immediately to prevent injury to study.

4. With the development of science and technology, high requirements have been put forward for the influence of power supply voltage fluctuation, temperature and humidity of office environment, installation durability and external high-frequency data signal in the daily work of all intelligent components and related electronic boards. Therefore, in order to maintain the normal operation of the fans used for natural ventilation and heat dissipation in the case of digital language learning system, A power supply system with a high precision power supply regulator should be applied, and the conditions in those areas should be further treated and regularly checked.

5. Do a good job in the maintenance of instruments and equipment for primary school science experiment boxes. According to the different characteristics of instruments and equipment and different regulations on the natural environment, do a good job in anti-fouling, waterproof, anti-seismic, anti-corrosion and other work, so that the instruments and equipment maintain the required performance indicators and accuracy, and often in good working condition.

6. Management personnel should also conduct a routine physical examination of the equipment at the beginning and end of the new semester, and make a good record of the examination. Once any problem is found, the situation should be immediately identified and reported to avoid affecting the normal teaching order of the experiment and probation.

7. Managers should be encouraged to maintain the equipment of primary school science experiment boxes by themselves as far as possible, and after-sale personnel can be asked to maintain the teaching equipment.

8. We must do a good job of habitual maintenance, carefully check the operation of primary school science experiment box equipment, and make written records according to the relevant requirements. If common faults are found, they should be eliminated as soon as possible; When encountering huge common faults, report to the superior authorities, make full use of the role of technical cooperation, and take maintenance and overhaul measures as soon as possible to ensure the normal operation of teaching instruments and equipment.

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