Let me tell you about the primary school science experiment box equipment purchase matters

Let me tell you about the primary school science experiment box equipment purchase matters

First, purchase primary school science experiment box equipment

Schools should pay attention to the following points when purchasing teaching equipment:

(1) Should choose to be included in the official supply catalog of products, since 1991, combined with the annual ordering meeting, China Teaching Equipment Industry Association published "Teaching equipment ordering Exhibition product catalog", listed in the catalog of products have passed the strict inspection of the relevant departments, quality assurance, even if the purchase of products have quality problems, can also find the manufacturer repair or replacement.

(2) Choose to obtain the national industrial product production license products, from 1988, the State Education Commission commissioned by the State Economic Commission, step by step, planned to review the issue of teaching instrument production license, all the products obtained production license, from the production equipment, personnel quality, factory management, product quality and other aspects have been strictly examined, reliable quality.

(3) Select the products that have passed the quality supervision and inspection. The State Education Commission has carried out the quality supervision and inspection work of teaching instruments products in a planned way through the quality supervision and inspection network. The results have been published in the journal "Teaching Instruments and Experiments".

(4) When choosing instruments and equipment for primary school science experiment boxes, we should pay attention to the matching of instruments, such as the electromagnetic timer for the ramp car, the air cushion guide rail, and the air source and timer. When purchasing combination teaching AIDS, we should pay special attention to whether the accessories are complete and whether the parts are matched.

Ii. Inspection of instruments and equipment in primary school science experiment boxes

After the school buys a set of instruments, to check whether it is qualified, check from the following aspects:

1, to read the product manual, understand the working principle of the instrument, use and use precautions, such as the voltage applied, the role of each knob, etc.

2. Pay attention to the main performance and technical indicators of the product in the specification, and test the instrument according to the technical indicators in the product technical standards. If there is no technical standards of the product, the main indicators in the product specification can be measured.

3, measurement to choose loanable qualified measuring tools, instruments and correct measuring methods, if there is a standard, it is necessary to measure in accordance with the standard test methods, when the measurement results are abnormal, should replace the measured instrument or re measurement, and consider whether the test method is correct, in order to ensure the correctness of the measurement results.

Measuring instruments in primary school science lab

1. Measuring cups

A measuring cup is a measuring device used to measure the volume of liquid discharged from the measuring device, which is the volume read from the scale value while the liquid is in the meter.

There are two types of cups. When facing the scale, the inverted mouth of the measuring cup is to the right for easy operation by the left hand. It is called the left-hand measuring cup.

Step 2: Thermometer

Thermometers are instruments for measuring temperature. There are many kinds of thermometers, including digital thermometers and thermal thermometers. The temperature of glass liquids is commonly used in laboratories.

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