How to ensure the rationality of the experimental operation evaluation system

With the rise of modern information technology, as the application of new technology, new curriculum standards, teaching materials continue to advance, the experimental operation evaluation system has been applied in several provinces and regions across the country.

First, there are long-term problems in experimental teaching at the present stage

1. Lack of experimental teachers;

2. Experimental teaching lacks unified intelligent management system;

3. Lack of experimental teaching and research data information and other problems.

Two, the traditional experimental examination also has some problems which can not be ignored

1. Lack of teachers, invigilator a whole test field needs more than one teacher;

2. The invigilator is not perfect and will ignore many details;

3. No examination record, no basis, no lawsuit.

How to ensure the rationality, standardization, fairness, safety factor, reliability, agility and accuracy of the experimental operation and evaluation system has been paid close attention by all sectors of society. Independently produced experimental teaching and experimental operation evaluation system for high school entrance examination. Based on the research and development concept of "service platform + network resources + service projects" as the carrier, with the integration of hardware and software, the film and television resources of students' experimental operation process were collected and processed by information means. At the same time, through the classified management of the prefecture-level service platform, district-level service platform and university-level platform of the system software, as well as the reasonable setting of each management authority and the clear responsibility authority, it has brought a set of careful, technical professional, fair and just, all-round experimental operation evaluation system platform and information management experimental teaching service platform for each teaching management unit and school.

The experimental operation evaluation system has various versions such as terminal version, Internet version and APP on mobile phone. It integrates a large number of educational resources, breaks the limitation of the experimental teaching place, allows teachers and students to touch the experiment at any time, and rehearse the actual operation experiment. It is tailored for the school to assist self-learning and improve the efficiency of classroom teaching. To improve the natural environment of intelligent experimental teaching of college experimental teaching network resources, it can cultivate students' experimental interests and hobbies, and cultivate children's experimental operation level.

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