Experimental Operation Evaluation System and How to Use information means to complete Fair Education

Experimental operation evaluation system and how to use information means to complete fair education.

"Online course" has become the main partner waiting for students to learn and grow, and online education shows stronger time coordination ability. With the guidance and strong support of policies, with the continuous development of basic education in China, online education companies have ushered in good news. At the same time, quality education and universal wisdom has become the focus of attention of people from all walks of life, and this year's education industry suggestions, "quality education" has become a high-frequency word.

The experimental operation evaluation system uses information means to reduce the gap between culture and education. Education modernization can promote the sharing of teaching resources across the country and maximize the value of teaching resources. The experimental operation and evaluation system uses the Internet platform, which can get rid of the boundaries of time and space, so that students can learn online courses and accept cultural knowledge in any area that can be connected to the network. Information management does bring convenience to cultural education. Because of the increasing number of network resources, it is more convenient for children to learn. For example, in interactive classroom, students can attend the same class without having to teach in the same place. Even in Xizang, students can directly experience high-quality online resources taught by teachers, so as to achieve high-quality education and precise poverty alleviation, so that every child can learn more easily and get satisfaction.

The content of experimental operation course is very different from that of other courses in expert teaching methods and examinations. So, how to use information technology to achieve this? The experimental operation evaluation system uses a distributed framework, the pre-examination data information is entered in large quantities with one key, and the intelligent system is arranged for the examination. The examination can obtain the safe storage of multi-camera shooting, and the multi-data verification after the examination is diversified, which can fully meet the requirements of the experimental operation evaluation, and can be used in multiple application scenarios, with both testing, teaching and practice. This is also an information product developed and designed for the operation and evaluation of the science and chemistry experiment in the college entrance examination. It can meet the hardware requirements and software regulations of the science and Chemistry experiment and operation examination in the College entrance examination.

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