A brief introduction to the middle school experimental operation evaluation system

The test operation evaluation system is mainly composed of hardware and software. The hardware configuration level includes three components: display, monitoring camera and base, which are independently manufactured to ensure the quality of new products in the production process.

The level of mobile phone software is generally composed of examination system and artificial intelligence technology AI-assisted scoring system. The experimental operation evaluation system is through product research and development, scientific and technological innovation, and get a variety of software works, practical patents and software test reports of certification bodies; AI technology to assist scoring system is the exclusive agent of product research and development, scientific and technological innovation, according to the examination requirements of the city Education Bureau, the development and design of the corresponding functions and characteristics of the specific content.

In the field of after-sales service, the app used by users will be upgraded free of charge for life and receive professional technical training. Around the exam, the company will also send technical professionals to carry out professional services, to ensure the orderly implementation of the school experimental operation exam.

Experimental operation evaluation system adopts B/S, C/S structure, the college level service platform within the campus of the internal structure of the operation, statistical query, test and other services such as the operation of the Internet address, conducive to the leadership and management staff at any time according to the Internet address login system, in accordance with the management authority to view the relevant introduction of the exam, Artificial intelligence technology (AI) assists the scoring system in the development of test scores.

The experimental operation and evaluation system adopts the centralized deployment scheme, and a college-level network memory (shooting, communication and caching video) is built in each test site. System customers can log in the system according to the university's Intranet or Internet technology. The execution should ensure that the network space is unobstructed, invigilator end, students examination end all over the different subnets, different places, LAN and LAN network firewall protection, to ensure data security.

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