The necessity of the construction of experimental operation evaluation system

Experimental operation evaluation system is a platform system, which is used to improve students' experimental operation ability from both teaching and examination, and help teachers to complete accurate teaching with evaluation data. It serves the experimental education concept of "student-oriented, coordinated development of knowledge, ability and quality" and the experimental teaching concept of "ability cultivation as the core". It is a platform integrating scientific, fair and practical advantages. The experimental operation evaluation system of middle school breaks the limitation of traditional experimental evaluation, can integrate experimental teaching examination resources, and realize the experimental teaching evaluation system of "teaching and evaluation together", which has a great promotion role for education departments and colleges and universities.

At present, most of the middle school experimental examination adopts the manual on-site invigilator marking mode, the examinee gets the result on the spot. But if disputes arise afterwards, it is difficult to trace the grading process because there is no effective instrumental record, leading to a decline in the credibility of the education administration. How to solve the problems of experimental evaluation and examination, how to ensure the scientificity, standardization and fairness of experimental examination, how to improve the transparency of experimental examination and social trust, how to improve the positive guiding power of experimental examination to experimental teaching, and how to promote the reform and development of experimental teaching as a whole are the problems that education departments and enterprises in the education industry are thinking about. So what are the benefits of building an experimental operation evaluation system?

Benefit analysis of middle school construction in Experimental operation evaluation system

1. Improve the fairness of laboratory exams.

The successful construction of the experimental operation evaluation system can effectively solve the variability and low confidence of the traditional offline paper documents, ensure the evidence-based scoring process of the experiment, and greatly improve the credibility of the education management department.

2. Rebalance experimental teaching resources.

The experimental operation evaluation system has the functions of both experimental resource sharing platform and live recording and broadcasting platform, which can realize educational resource sharing, remote experimental education and other innovative education modes.

3. Improve experimental teaching in middle school.

Experimental operation evaluation system will collect the experimental results of each test center institutions, experiment start-up rate and other data, effectively supervise the test center institutions and schools to improve the experimental teaching.

4. Big data platform services.

The construction of the experimental operation evaluation system will be incorporated into the construction of the regional experimental teaching and examination data platform of the science and technology department, so as to provide data interface for the regional experimental teaching and examination platform, and provide theoretical basis for further analysis and judgment of decision-making departments.

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