The following talk about primary school science experiment box equipment selection and inspection

The following talk about primary school science experiment box equipment selection and inspection

Equipment is the basic material condition for running a school. For experiment-oriented subjects, natural phenomena can be reproduced through teaching instruments, so that students' understanding of natural laws can be raised from perceptual to rational. This is the only way to learn. Teaching instruments play an important role in developing students' intelligence, cultivating students' innovative spirit, establishing scientific thinking methods, and improving students' cognitive ability and practical ability.

First, what is the primary school science experiment box equipment?

In the National Education Commission industry standard "teaching instrument products general quality requirements", primary school science experiment box equipment is expressed as: "with teaching characteristics, reflect the teaching idea, mainly used for teaching and visual teaching instruments:

1. Taking teaching as the benchmark is the essential feature of teaching tools. Teaching tools, as a knowledge carrier, are a special teaching materials with information or functions for students to learn. Therefore, many classical experimental methods and devices in history have been retained, such as: inertia demonstrator, left-right hand rule demonstrator, transformer principle demonstrator and so on.

2. There are essential differences between teaching instruments and general instruments. Generally, instruments are widely used for measurement and calculation in scientific research and production practice, focusing on accuracy, convenience, miniaturization, comprehensibility, automation and intelligentization. A considerable amount of manual work is retained so that students are trained in basic skills.

3. Teaching tools include two kinds of teaching tools: Visual objects and visual images, as far as the category of Musical Instruments is concerned, the connotation of teaching instruments is much broader than that of general Musical Instruments. Teaching instruments include a large number of models, specimens, sections, chemicals, glassware, etc. In addition to simple instruments, such as teaching models, biological sections, anatomical specimens of animals and plants, wall charts, etc., which is also one of the notable features of instruments and equipment in primary school science experiment boxes.

Ii. Purchase and inspection of instruments and equipment for primary school science experiment boxes

As a developing country with an underdeveloped economy, China has limited investment in education and even less investment specifically for teaching instruments. Therefore, it is particularly important for schools to purchase qualified and applicable teaching instruments with limited funds.

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