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Tissue culture of microorganisms and their applied plants

High school biology lab, can complete 1-18 subject experiments The number is JC-307 For grades 10-12

key word:Digital inquiry experiment system

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Functions and Uses

Basic equipment for conducting experiments including but not limited to 18 topics:

1. Yeast respiration

2. Microscopic observation of oral bacteria

3. Preparation of medium

4. Explore how yeast breathes

5. Decomposition of soil microorganisms

6. Inoculation of microorganisms and observation of bacteriostatic phenomena of colonies and antibiotics

7. Purify E. coli

8. Separation of microorganisms that decompose cellulose

9. Production of curd

10. Production of fruit wine and vinegar

11. Tissue culture of carrot

12. Tissue culture of chrysanthemum

13, beef extract peptone solid medium preparation

14. Isolation and counting of bacteria that decompose urea in soil

15. Anther culture of rose

16. Make kimchi and test for nitrite content

17. Isolation of autogenous nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil with selected medium

18, rapid propagation of aloe vera with plant cell engineering

Necessary accessories

JC-310 High School Biology General Instrument Box 1 (High School Biology Experiment Box)

JC-311 High School Biology General Instrument Box 2 (High School Biology Experiment Box)

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