The Solution to the Discipline Innovation Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Students in Junior Middle School


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The Outline proposes innovative talent training mode. To meet the needs of national and social development, follow the laws of education and talent growth, deepen education and teaching reform, innovate education and teaching methods, explore a variety of training methods, and form a situation where all kinds of talents and top innovative talents emerge in large numbers. Pay attention to the combination of learning and thinking. Advocate heuristic, inquiry, discussion and participatory teaching to help students learn how to learn. Stimulate students' curiosity, cultivate their interests and hobbies, and create a good environment for independent thinking, free exploration and innovation. Strengthening the construction of basic education curriculum and teaching materials; We will carry out experiments on the diversification of junior high school running models and develop characteristic courses. Exploring ways to cultivate innovative talents through all levels of education; Encourage colleges and universities to jointly cultivate top-notch innovative talents; Support qualified junior high schools to cooperate with universities and scientific research institutes to carry out innovative talent training
Research and experiment to establish a training base for innovative talents.

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